Street – Photography (Definition)

You’re in a public place. Then there is something that you find very interesting. It can be a person’s behavior, the shape, or the color of an object. Then you open your cellphone camera and take a picture. Without realizing it, you have become a street photographer. Congratulations and Welcome!

So, what is Street -Photography about?

Before Dusk
Sony RX100 at f5.6 / ISO 100 / 1/1000sec

The definition of street photography is a photo made within a public place. Taken candidly and in a natural manner. Performed for art but still contains a message that describes an event or about the state of a place. Most street photos are shot at defining moments so framing and timing are important aspects.

Another important aspect of street photography is the law. Every place has laws in effect. And everyone is obliged to obey it. A street photographer is obliged to know the applicable laws before shooting somewhere. Laws regarding privacy, property, and security procedures are laws that are often associated with photographing in public places.

Want to discover a new world of fun in taking pictures? Try Street Photography!

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14 thoughts on “Street – Photography (Definition)

  1. The Laws Governing Street Photography have been loosening up a bit but that depends upon the country. The strange rules Governing what and how we show people were instigated by the unprofessional behavior of the paparazzi and the death of Princess Diana.
    Each Country and each individual City or Village has in place its own interpretation of Laws trying to protect individuals rights against Stalking.

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    1. I agree with you that the rules of the government have been loosening up recently. Hopefully this can be maintained as long as there is no such thing as happened to Princess Diana.

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  2. Love how you defined street photography here. There are lots of controversies related to the ethics and legality, of it but as long as your intention is to tell a story, in my opinion there shouldn’t be any issue about it. But at the end of the day it depends on the country as well.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. Recently, I see that Street photography is a growing genre of photography that has a lot of growing enthusiasts. So, then I hope each of us who are doing it should stand to obey the ethics, rules, etc that are applied in the places we are shootings.


  3. To just add to the Topic of Street. There are many groups around the world that have there own Rules Governing what constitutes Street Photography. Some are more strict than others. One such group frowns on any editing including Cropping!
    If you’re interested search for your local area. I’m sure there will be a Group near you.
    Also don’t forget to search in Facebook. I am a member of a Great Group called Urban. It’s very large and has members from all across the world. It Is great for inspiration.

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    1. I agree with you that every street photography community has its own set of rules and I’ve met several and had discussions with those who are part of a community that applies that. I think everything is good. As long as we continue to uphold ethics, respect privacy, and local culture of course. Thank you for the addition. I will be looking forward to visiting your group on Facebook.

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      1. Ha it’s Not my Group! I’m just a Member.
        It’s called Urban Street Photography. I’ve seen two with almost the exact same name.


      2. Oh, I apologize. I was trying to search with keywords Urban and it’s shown lots of urban group names. So this Urban Street Photography is the exact name. Ok, Thank you😊🙏

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      3. Yes. If you can’t find it.
        Then friend me and I’ll link you over.
        My name is Mark Gottesman.


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