Week #4 | May 2021 |Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots.

The Struggle for a Moment

The Struggle for a Moment | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

She was comfortably sitting alone on the bridge’s safety concrete rail.

From a distance, I tried to photograph it but I couldn’t make the most of it.  So, I decided to get closer to where she was sitting.

I plan to shoot her up close and within about a meter, I could see her face through the gap between the wires running between us.  And I think framing her face through the gaps is the best angle.

So, I set my camera to zone focus to manually place the focus point on her face while pointing my camera in a different direction behind her.

As I prepared the camera focus, she suddenly turned the other way and I didn’t see his face again through the gap.

To get her attention back to me I made a few moves and tried to talk to myself like crazy.  And in a flash, she looked at me again and I clicked the shutter button.

An advantage

An advantage | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

I was photographing a man who was working picking up trash in the outer corner of a building when suddenly a little girl entered the scene.

Its presence benefits me as it balances the frame between the foreground and background.

I love the expression that shows all over her face and the color of the fabric she is wearing.  This provides a strong relationship with the man who works in the background.

Composing a Frame

Composing a Frame | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

One morning under a subway station, in the Block-M area in South Jakarta. I was hunting for a light and shadow theme photo that I had planned.

In one scene, I chose to diagonally divide the frame between dark and light areas followed by black and white paint on the wall of the next building, forming a diagonal line that divides the frame into strong leading lines to direct the viewer’s eye.

The white line at the pedestrian crossing that two people walked did not escape my attention in shaping the composition to add a horizontal pattern.

Meanwhile, concrete pillars wrapped in billboards stood in a row, as well as several yellow iron plates arranged on the adjacent building walls to form a vertical pattern.

Love and Tenderness.

Love and Tenderness | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

Surrounded by messy places, I saw a mother feeding her daughter with love and tenderness.

The Best Pose

The Best Pose | Sony a6000 |

This little boy loves to be photographed.  And he gave me the best pose he got.  I love his innocent and cute facial expressions.

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