Belah Kapal

During the day, the scorching heat of the sun seemed to burn like every part of my body. Sweat drops that began to cover my view must continue to wipe. This place is very dirty, the pungent odor from the welding fumes used to cut the thick sheet of iron plate seems to begin to cover my breathing. The noise from the grinding machine that kept spinning over the surface of the scrap metal seemed to want to damage my eardrum. But all that is not able to block my steps or discourage me to continue to take pictures in that place. For the sake of a beautiful work.

That place is called BELAH KAPAL. A place located on the north coast of Jakarta. In this place, ships that have stopped operating due to old age will be cut into pieces of scrap metal for recycling.

Below, is a collection of images that I took while visiting BELAH KAPAL

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Beyond my expectation

Busy workers who are doing the process of drying salted fish

The photo you see above is a photo that I took in a fishing village (The story about this place will be coming soon) located in northern Jakarta some time ago before the pandemic COVID – 19 struck. Youtube channel called Street Photography Channel, which specializes in curating the best street photos from all over the world selected this photo as one of the best street photography and to be displayed on their youtube channel in the form of a video slideshow together with other selected best photos from other street photographers around the world.

For me as a street photographer, when my work is lined with other best photos from around the world is pride. The work that took me a lot of effort to get it is finally getting a world-class appreciation.

Below, you may click on the link that brings you to the Street Photography youtube channel so that you can also see the work of other world’s best-selected photographers.


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The day before the New Year, I had the opportunity to visit a place in Bogor, West Java. This place is a Mosque, the Atta Awun Mosque, located on the PUNCAK area of Bogor. Aside from being a place of worship, this Mosque is also a tourist destination because of its attractive architecture and green views from the expanse of tea plantations that surround it. The fresh air of the mountains is felt when you are here. That is what makes the PUNCAK become the main destination of Jakarta people who are bored with dirty air and crowded city atmosphere.

I came there the day before and stayed at the house of my brother who lives nearby. But for visitors with a sufficient budget, there are many choices of hotels and inns or villas in the area. I planned to visit the Mosque in the morning so I could enjoy and photograph the beauty of the sunrise, but in the morning there was very heavy and foggy rain. But for a street photographer, bad weather or good weather are equally beneficial. There are always things that can be processed into a work of art. So here are some of the best photos I took during my visit.

The first three pictures below are the situation of my trip in the afternoon to my brother’s house. At that time I was trapped by road closures due to traffic decomposition. This temporary road closure is done to reduce the density of vehicles going to the PUNCAK. This is often done by the police on weekends or on holidays.

The toll road is empty to the PUNCAK due to road closure.
SONY ALPHA a6000 with SONY E PZ 16-50mm at 24mm f4.5 / 1/250sec / ISO320

The brother’s house that I will be staying at is located in a village that can only be accessed by foot or by riding a motorcycle, through a small alleyway that is quite narrow. I also took some photos while walking to get there.

Motorbike passing the alleyway
SONY ALPHA a6000 with SONY E PZ 16-50mm at 16mm f4.0 / 1/640sec / ISO100

As I said at the beginning that when I arrived at the mosque, heavy rains flushed along with thick fog that covered almost the entire mosque building. So I had a little trouble photographing the mosque building completely. But I tried the best I could produce. Here are some pictures of the mosque building.

The view around the mosque.

Rain upon arrival

People around the mosque

Flowers and Fish

Thus the short story of my cheap vacation at the end of the year. Hopefully useful and inspiring.

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Sony Alpha a6000 with Sony E 50mm OSS lens at f1.8 / 1/250sec ISO 2000

This is a picture of the heavy rain that hit Jakarta in the last few weeks. And on New Year’s Eve was the peak where some parts of Jakarta were flooded. This was caused by heavy rain with a long duration.

The Strongest Man

Sony Alpha a6000 With Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS Lens at 50mm f1.8 1/250sec ISO 1250.

He looks old and thin but he is the strongest mentally and possibly physically. Maybe stronger than me whose age adrift is much younger than him. He carried his wares on foot, wandering around somewhere with only a small profit. But he did it patiently and diligently. All for the sake of making a living in the capital city of Jakarta, which is full of a hard life. Therein lies the strength that maybe not everyone can do. Myself included.

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Ten Minutes Challenge

In the middle of December 2019, a friend of mine, a street photographer and a YouTuber invited me to take part in filling in his YouTube content. The theme is about street photography, which is a challenge to take some good pictures on the streets with a time limit of just 10 minutes. And below is the series of the best picture that I took during those 10 minutes.

Play with Daddy
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 24mm f4 / 1/3200sec / ISO 200
Family members
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 30mm f6.3 / 1/400sec / ISO 200
Plastic Bag
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 30mm f6.3 / 1/640sec / ISO 200
Jump Over
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 30mm f6.3 / 1/1000sec / ISO 200

In my opinion, a challenge like this is very cool and interesting. It’s great to practice the taste and sensitivity of a photographer, especially for a street photographer. It demanded a photographer to think fast and move quickly in taking a moment. While also having to control the right exposure on the camera before pressing the shutter. And everything is done outside one’s habits.

Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 24mm f4 / 1/4000sec / ISO 200
On a bicycle
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 24mm f4 / 1/2000sec / ISO 200
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 24mm f4/ 1/4000sec / ISO 200
Ghost among the Crowds
Sony Alpha a6000 with APZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 30mm f6.3 / 1/1600sec / ISO 200

The pictures you see in this post were taken at CFD (Car Free Day) Jakarta. An event held by the Jakarta city government every Sunday at 6 am to 11 am along the Sudirman and Thamrin roads by closing access to motorized vehicles that enter the area to make space for people to do sports such as biking, jogging and doing various other activities without disturbed by the presence of motorized vehicles and also to minimize air pollution from vehicles around the area

Perhaps you are interested in watching the video on YouTube. Just check out the link below. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe https://youtu.be/vGIlOkc3fqM

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Umbrella Renters

Sony Alpha a6000 with Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens at f4.0 / 1/400sec / ISO 200

Provide an Umbrella Before it Rains.

The sentence above is a warning saying. Although only as a figure of speech among the people. But mostly it really happens in the real situation. It turns out that most people ignore it and then the rain falls and soaks anyone and whatever it passes. But don’t worry if you are not ready for the arrival of the rain. Umbrella rental services are ready to help you. In Jakarta, the umbrella rental business is mostly run by the children, but some adults do it too. This work is only available when the rainy season arrives. Users are those who want to go to a place with a very close distance. As you can see in the picture, a boy behind the umbrella user is the owner of the umbrella. He will follow you to the destination to take back his umbrella and also, of course, the fee.


Sony Alpha a6000 with EPZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 50mm f6.3 / 1/125sec / ISO 1600

He made charcoal from wood that was burned for later weighed and packaged in small sizes and then sold to traditionally-baked food makers such as Satay. According to his account of this work he had acted decades ago. And it still continues today. This job does not make you rich, but you can survive from it, he said. That is a short story from a charcoal maker that I photographed in Bogor West Java some time ago.

Basket of Food

Sony Alpha a6000 with EPZ 16-50mm OSS Lens. At 16mm f6.3 / 1/80sec / ISO 1600

In early December 2019, the street photography community that I participated in carried out a joint hunting activity to a village in Bogor, West Java. The people who live in this place are very friendly, enthusiastic and happy with our presence. In this place, the residents’ houses are very tight so that access to sunlight that penetrates into the narrow passageways is very limited. I really like this kind of situation, to create mood and drama effects in a photo. As in this picture, when I was standing in front of a small shop selling food, in front of me was a small alley that is dark even though it was day time. In the middle of the small alley, there is a T-junction that is connected to another alley. Interestingly around the T-junction was very bright, this is caused by an open gap between the roof of the house separated by the existence of a small alley, so that sunlight can penetrate it. At that moment my imagination immediately reacted that this place was interesting to be photographed when someone would pass the T-junction. I stood there for a while waiting for someone to come out of the small alley and then pass through a bright area of ​​the T-junction and finally, my waiting was not in vain. A woman carrying a small basket of food passed through the T-junction. In addition to being fast and precise, a street photographer must also be able to visualize the object to be photographed.

Dad, Look at Me

Sony Alpha a6000 With Sony EPZ 16-50mm OSS Lens at 24mm f4.0 / ISO 200 / 1/100sec. Edited with Adobe Lightroom.

The foresight of the eye and the speed of capturing the moment is mandatory for a street photographer. Because that moment will only last in seconds and is likely not to be repeated again. Especially when it comes to photographing children because they are always active and moving fast. As in the picture, a little girl is sitting in a snack stall selling snacks with her father right in front of me. Suddenly the child turned to her father with an adorable facial expression like she was asking for something. I was lucky my camera was in the right setting and was helped by the natural light that hit right to the subject from the outside of the tent.

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