Week #1 | June 2021 |Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots.

A lesson

A lesson | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

She taught me a lesson that studying can be done anywhere.

In a messy place, she was there with a book and a pencil in hand, she was studying outside the room right in front of the entrance of the house where she lives.

Direction, Purpose, and Curiosity

Direction, Purpose, and Curiosity | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

Moving together in the same direction even though each has a different goal.

In a naturally neatly arranged formation, a curious person was trying to figure out what I was doing with the camera pointing at the people walking on the street.

Just like me, a photographer who is curious about the moments that happen on the streets.

Workers at the shipyard

Workers at the shipyard | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

A worker who is fully clothed for protection purposes holds a grinding machine that is constantly rotating as a tool to clean the entire hull of rust and adhering shells and various other impurities during sailing before being lifted to the ground at the shipyard for repairs.

All this cleaning work creates noise and tiny particles flying all over the place.

This is the daily life of workers at a shipyard in northern Jakarta.

A Cat That Can Read?

A Cat That Can Read? | Sony E PZ 16-50mm Lens

A poor street cat felt so sad after reading the two warning signs attached to the wall that read “Dilarang Duduk di Tangga (Do Not Sit On The Staircase ) and Dilarang Berjualan Di Area Ini (Do Not Sell In This Area). Is that cat truly read it?


DORAEMON | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

The light rain that day forced motorcyclists to stop for cover.

Under the tree in front of the shop’s exit, he stood there facing the street waiting for the rain to stop.

The cute face of DORAEMON’s cartoon sticker adorned the back of the blue safety helmet he was wearing, which attracted me to take pictures.

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10 thoughts on “Week #1 | June 2021 |Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots.

  1. I love the photo of the little girl studying. If I would have had it when I was a teacher, I would have made a poster out of it for my classroom. Many American students do not appreciate their opportunity to have an education. Great photo! Many blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I appreciate that you love the photo of the little girl studying. You may still have the picture if you think you can use it for educational purposes even if you are not a teacher anymore. I can send to you a hi-res file out of it.


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