Week #2 | June 2021 |Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots.

The Phenomenon Of Living In The City.

The Phenomenon Of Living In The City | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

Carrying a small ukulele these two kids walk around the pedestrian path playing their music hoping for a bit of money from passers-by.

Living in a big city like Jakarta is full of challenges.  Not a few families in the lower economic line mobilize all the abilities of family members including children to participate in making money to support family survival.

As a photographer, it is sometimes sad to see a phenomenon like this on the streets but this is a fact of life that must be faced and fought for.  Can only hope for a better life in the future.

No Hesitation

No Hesitation | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

The man who had just crossed the rail line had a body covered in tattoos, his stature was terrifying.  He looked at me because he knew he was being photographed.

I was there planning to take photos of every moment that would happen after the train passed.  And he’s the one who comes into the scene so I think he’s the moment I’ve been waiting for and he’s an interesting subject to shoot as well.  So, without hesitation, I raised my camera, pointed at it, and took a picture.

An Oddity

An Oddity | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

A box made of transparent glass containing various kinds of glasses for sale.  However, the label above it says JUAL ALAT-ALAT PANCING (SELLING FISHING GEAR). An oddity that made me take the picture.

On the other hand, what is interesting is the layering of people around the place.

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