Week #2 | May 2021 | Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots

Curiosity created by light

Curiosity created by light | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

The dominance of the yellowish-orange paint on the walls creates a warm atmosphere throughout the frame.

And a sheet of paper stuck to the wall that says “Pintu Masuk” means Entrance as information on the place where the picture was taken.

Light entered the room that directed my eyes to a woman standing where the light fell with half of her body part hidden in the darkness creating an atmosphere of curiosity.

A fire hydrant

A fire hydrant | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

The fire hydrant standing alone in the corner of the yellow wall in the direct morning sun seemed an interesting subject to photograph.

I plan to put a tight composition in the foreground by placing the human face as another subject to fill the frame.

As we all know, nowadays since the pandemic it is difficult to take full photos of the faces of people on the streets because we all wear masks. So close-up shots are another way to explore emotions through the eyes so that the message conveyed through expression is still achieved.

In the background, clothes are lined up for sale in front of the clothing shop. And the magnificent walls of a large building signify that this is a shopping center. That’s how I tell people where the photos were taken and how they relate to the main subject of women as visitors and fire hydrants as a safety property they use in such a large place.

The main subject must have a relationship with the environment to complement the story that we will tell through an image.  And also to avoid misperception among the viewers. Like in this picture, if I just take a woman’s face and clothes arranged in a row as the background, one can tell that this is a picture of a woman drying her laundry in the hot sun in her backyard.  Wouldn’t this make the story different from what it was supposed to be?

Women in traditional markets

Women in traditional markets | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

This shot was taken at a traditional market.  And everyone knows that the traditional market is filled by 80% of women, either as sellers or buyers.

As you can see in the center of the frame, a woman is carrying a blue item that looks like a box on her head.  Moving slightly to the left of the frame, a woman in orange was standing on a chair or something, she was busy preparing to open a shop.  Among them, another woman carrying a red bag was seen walking hastily.  And in the distance was another woman walking towards the large building in the background.  The whole frame is filled with women and every activity they do.  And in this shot, I want to show how tough women are.

Red, green, yellow, blue, orange are the main colors that form the frame in this shot, and this is the part that interests me.  I also like how the light falling into the center of the frame brightens up all the subjects.  Likewise, the dark or shaded areas around the corners of the frame give a dramatic impression throughout the frame.

A crime scene story.

A crime scene story | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

The clothes on display were hung in the shop, ready to be sold.  Some of them are displayed using mannequins, while others are hung using hangers.

The morning sunlight entering the shop was blocked by the hanging clothes creating shadows around the room for a dramatic shot.

Then I took advantage of this lighting situation to photograph the shop owner standing behind the clothes on display.
Half of his face was covered by hanging clothes, a mysterious impression was seen.  At the same time, he mysteriously looked at the doll of the two children in front of him, the impression of a bad guy spying on a targeting victim.

It got even more frightening when his right hand pointed at the puppets of the two children while his left hand seemed to be trying to open the small bag he was carrying to retrieve something like a tool to injure his victim.

The situation became even more sinister as seen a mannequin that had lost its body parts standing next to him.

And that’s my wild imagination of this photo

The path

The path | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

It doesn’t matter what path you take.  Over the bridge or through the streets below.  Everyone who walks has an end.

Sometimes there are obstacles along the way, but by focusing on the final destination all obstacles are easily overcome.

Balloons and the little girl.

Balloons and the little girl | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens

Balloons of various colors and motifs, displayed in one place for sale.

One balloon made of a cartoon character staring at me like someone who wants to be photographed is an interesting element. But, I need something else to fit into the frame that has an emotional connection with these balloons.

On the trail, a little girl walking with her mother staring at balloons as if wanting to play with them is something I’ve been waiting for has finally appeared.

Finding something related to these balloons to build emotion into the story was a big challenge for me when photographing this scene.

But with a little patience, this little girl and her mother passing through.  And the perfect moment I hoped for finally happened when the little girl stared at the balloons.

Reflection of Inspiration

Reflection of Inspiration | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

The woman seen in this photo is a kind of street vendor who sells several types of food packaged in a leaf and she is very busy preparing the foods to be sold.

I found this place interesting, full of color, and of course, how the sunlight gets in there, creating shadows and the dark areas around the tent-covered area built by street vendors.

So, this photo is about the colors and light that reflected the spirit and inspiration of a hardworking Lady.

The importance of background

The importance of background | Sony a6000 | E PZ 16-50mm Lens.

The sunny day of that day allowed me to capture all the beautiful color contrasts throughout the frame.

The presence of a large blue bus helps me to block unnecessary distraction elements from the background.  So that the attention of the viewers can be concentrated on the main subject.  In this case, the person wearing the hat with the blue shirt pushing the cart of goods is my main subject.

The person in the background under the umbrella is in the shaded area making part of the body in silhouette but still visible.

The cool blue color in the background is making the other warm colors in the foreground stand out.

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