Week #1 | May 2021 Weekly Summary Of My Street Snapshots

Enjoy the sunset in the city park

Raising hands to block direct sunlight hitting our eyes is something people usually do.

That’s what two teenagers sitting on the steps in a city park did.  What attracted me the most when I took this photo was their shadows reflected on the floor.

The orange sky and the rays of the sun hitting the ground with a warm orange color tell how beautiful the sunset was that afternoon.

Two cyclists

They were just two cyclists crossing the road wearing safety helmets.

The men’s helmet that motorcyclists wear is a bit strange to me when used on a bicycle.  But that’s okay, he might feel safer.  The girl wearing a pink safety helmet that matches her shoes looks so feminine.  I like it!

I included a bicycle part and a helmet that hangs in the frame to reinforce the story of the main subject and the environment in which it was shot.

Had to arrive early

As the sun rises behind the building shading the front of the building and some parts of the road.

I plan to take light and shadow shots and use a couple walking on the street as the main subject.  It wasn’t perfect because while the shoot was taking place, the sun rose a little higher on the horizon, which made the couple’s shadow appear too short.

But overall I like the structure of the building and the part of the car parked in front of it is dimly visible, creating depth and drama throughout the frame.

Luck in Times of Hopelessness

With month-long fasting during Ramadan, places like restaurants close during the day.

In front of a restaurant, a tent was installed with little activity of people around it, several people passing by the place every long period.

This place amazed me with the colors, patterns, and light that fell around the tent.  Spent nearly half an hour sitting, waiting for someone to pass where the light fell.  At a time when I was feeling hopeless, suddenly someone in a green jacket with a perfect color contrast that I hoped could enter the scene right where the composition was set. He walks into the scene and I shoot the image.

At the end of reviewing the shot, I was not satisfied.  I wish to show the face of the subject to extract more emotion from the face of the subject to fill in the loneliness and silence throughout the scene.

I hope to come back here soon for better results.

Elements to fill the frame.

A poster dominated by red and a combination of black-and-white writing on the wall, with a little blue paint on the edges, seems to function as a frame. This combination of contrasting colors caught my attention.

Peeling paint on a concrete post indicates low maintenance at this place, but who cares.  My business right now is how to frame all of these elements into an eye-catching photo.  At least for my self-satisfaction.

So, I added a human figure in the silhouette with a little hint to fill in the blanks of the frame.  And the man who was carrying a big, heavy bag while playing with his cellphone entered the frame.  And the shot was carried out.

An adorning pattern

A beautifully painted pattern adorning the ground of a car park in a shopping center.

An interesting thing for me to explore the corner looking for the right position to form a composition to freeze its beauty into a photograph.

I found the triangular canopy of another building and used it as a frame to add more dimension to the image plus the silhouettes of passersby with interesting gestures provided another point of view.

What disappointed me a little was the flat color contrast of the background, I was hoping for a contrasting blue sky.  But I was unlucky to have good weather at that time.

Frame of mystery

The shadow of the tree leaves is like a mural painting on the orange wall. It has caught my eye from the first time I saw it and will be my main subject to aim for.

As usual, a story will not develop without the presence of other characters in it.  Then my attention was drawn to the dark area in the background.  A negative space that has depth and mystery.  Its presence of an antagonist character in a story.  That’s how important it is to the whole frame.

Moving on to another important character, one of the elements of refinement.  A human figure, a person wearing a blue shirt, hat, and something orange wrapped around his neck who was walking towards the dark area. His position in the frame facing towards the dark, the way he is dressed, and the movements or gestures he shows add to the mystery of the negative space.

In the foreground are old wooden items that look like a neatly arranged table.  And next to it, there was something shaped like a box wrapped in blue waterproof cloth and neatly tied with string.  Show something, the secret hidden behind it.

Anyway almost forgot. Color also plays an important role in accentuating a photo or element in the frame.  The combination of orange and blue as the main colors in this photo is a perfect choice.  As well as the character or the strongest of the light hit the subject is very important to bring out the perfect color contrast that we want.  And how it’s spread across the frame will determine the story we want to convey. Those are a few suggestions are based on my experience on how to shoot light and shadow photography.

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