Panning Photography

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Create a sense of speed throughout a moving subject is called Panning photography. This photographic technique is typically done on a subject moving horizontally such as vehicles, or animals. To do this technique is by putting the camera settings on the slow shutter speed combine with the camera motion following the movement of a subject. The ideal shutter speed for the best results to capture panning photos is around 1/25th of a second to 1/50th of a second. Using a tripod also helps to minimize the upward or downwards movement of a camera.

Panning on a moving motorcycle
Panning on a moving motorcycle
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Adding an eye-catching look to the photo by selecting the right contras color between the subject and the background is another key success in panning photography.

You won’t make the best of the first shot. You need hundreds of shots for the single best shot. So, Being patient is the biggest challenge when doing this technique, and practice makes perfect is very applicable here. Keep practicing to master it!

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