Composed the shots with a plan.

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It was a clear afternoon with a cloudless blue sky. Behind the city skyscrapers, down an alley in a residential area. I walk alone with the plan, search for moments to be photographed. Until finally, my steps stopped in a playground.

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In a playground, a child playing swinging high until he is covered by tree leaves.
In a playground, a child playing swinging high until he is covered by tree leaves.

I heard the sound of children’s laughter, cheerful playing with a beautiful sunset. In a swinging place, a child was playing swinging high until he was covered by tree leaves. I had a plan to catch some of his legs that were visible clearly in the light while he swings up. And the silhouette of another child who is just sitting on the other swings watching his friend who is playing becomes my foreground element. By the time the plan is executed, when my eyes on to the camera viewfinder to start composed the shots. And, when my finger was ready to push the shutter button. Suddenly, a person walking by the garden fence with his attractive hat goes into the frame and became another element to fill in the background.

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The warm color temperature of the afternoon sun and the cool blue sky are other important elements in a photo. This should also be taken into account in your composition plan before framing a shot.

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