Belah Kapal

During the day, the scorching heat of the sun seemed to burn like every part of my body. Sweat drops that began to cover my view must continue to wipe. This place is very dirty, the pungent odor from the welding fumes used to cut the thick sheet of iron plate seems to begin to cover my breathing. The noise from the grinding machine that kept spinning over the surface of the scrap metal seemed to want to damage my eardrum. But all that is not able to block my steps or discourage me to continue to take pictures in that place. For the sake of a beautiful work.

That place is called BELAH KAPAL. A place located on the north coast of Jakarta. In this place, ships that have stopped operating due to old age will be cut into pieces of scrap metal for recycling.

Below, is a collection of images that I took while visiting BELAH KAPAL

Click on the image to enlarge

If you have interesting experiences with the story and pictures above or there may be criticisms to improve, do not hesitate to share them in the comments column.

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17 thoughts on “Belah Kapal

    1. Yes, this place is very interesting for photographers. If we go there, we will definitely meet some photographers who are photographing. Thank you for like my composition.

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  1. In your first image, I enjoyed how the orange in the left of the image invited my eyes into the background and then to the person with an orange hat in the middle ground. Nice…really nice. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Yes, You are right Brenda. I use to use that orange boat as a leading line to my main subject, the person with an orange hat. Anyways,Thank you so much for coming to my blog and for the follow, like, and comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

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  2. very..very..very interesting street photography. komposisi dan angle pengambilan gambarnya mengingatkan sama foto-foto yang suka jadi headline berita di koran atau portal berita online dan foto-foto street yang suka saya lihat di webnya magnumphotos.
    belum lagi dengan storytelling dan tulisannya yang bagus. cakepppss..
    dan terakhir, namanya Zebua?nama asli sejak lahir?namanya unik sekali, jarang denger.
    last but not least, i hope you are fine with my comment in bahasa Indonesia, i hope you are understand, coz i’m not sure if you are Indonesian or not, hehe.

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    1. Halo Mas Adynura. Terimakasih atas kata2 pujiannya. Saya sangat bangga membacanya. πŸ™πŸ™ Saya masih belajar fotografi kok mas, baru belajar nge blog, baru belajar nulis juga🀣. Kebetulan saya pilih konten dalam bahasa inggris biar bisa dinikmati semua orang aja tanpa harus ke google translate dulu kalau mau tau artinya. Tapi pada intinya sih ingin memperkenalkan indonesia ke dunia internasional.

      Zebua, itu marga saya mas, saya berasal dari pulau Nias Sumatra Utara. Tp saat ini sy domisili DKI jakarta. Klo mas Adynura jakarta juga, bisalah kapan2 kita hunting foto bareng sambil sharing2 ttg dunia blogging.


      1. owh, nama yang unik dan keren. jadinya mudah diingat. saya pun ingin menulis pake bahasa inggris dengan alasan yg sama, tapi ga enak, bahasa inggrisnya standar banget, haha.
        kebetulan saya domisili di Bandung, tapi jkt-bdg mah deket ya, bisa diatur, hehe..
        ya semoga pandemi ini cepat berakhir dan semua kembali seperti sedia kala ya. πŸ™‚
        semangat terus bloggingnya, can’t wait to see and read your next post!

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      2. Klo bahasa agak ngaco2 mah cuek aja mas, org2 luar yg baca jg ngerti klo bahasa inggris bukan bahasa kita. Intinya sih pesan dari tulisan kita bs tersampaikan kpd yg baca. Saya jg nulis pake bhs indonesia dl br bawa ke google translate. Baru di review lg kira2 sesuai ga tata bahasanya pake aplikasi grammar checker. Makanya saya hanya menulis ttg suatu tempat secara umum dan se simpel mungkin biar gampang translate ke bhs inggrisnya. Kan sudah dibantu juga sama gambar2.🀣. Bandung – jkt mah deket. Mudah2an New Normal ni bs bener2 kembali normal. Jd enak klo mau jalan2.


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